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VoIP Phone Service Considerations

voipFirst of all, VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. This service although generally less expensive than traditional telephone company landline service is lower in voice quality and much less reliable than a conventional land line. You need to be aware that if you are considering replacing your landline with VOIP service to save a few dollars per month, your existing alarm’s system will no longer be able to communicate with your monitoring station unless you have had a cellular or radio back up module installed in your security alarm master control panel. You also must subscribe to a digital cellular monitoring service from your provider as well. Unfortunately, many of the VOIP service providers do not disclose this major drawback to their customers in their advertising, marketing, and sales literature. Their customers find out after they make the switch to VOIP that they are totally unprotected because their alarm systems will no longer transmit signals to their monitoring station. Some of the more reputable VoIP providers do warn their customers now to keep a conventional land line if they own a security alarm system. There is also module now available that can be purchased from most competent security dealers that can be installed in your security panel that will allow your panel to communicate with the monitoring station using VoIP service. However, this module is expensive and you are still vulnerable to internet connection outages, viruses, and power failure which would render your computer and VoIP service useless. We recommend that if you must have VoIP Service that you subscribe to ADT’s Security Link digital cell backup monitoring service for only a few dollars more per month. With this added service you have the ultimate in security protection. In any event, whether you have a loss of phone service, someone cuts your phone line, or you suffer a power outage, the signal is transmitted over the air waves wirelessly (just like your cell phone) should you have an alarm event.

What if I move?

family-fireplaceIf you move after you have been a customer with ADT two years or longer ADT will provide you with the ADT Mover’s Relocation Guarantee. This will allow you to have a free ADT security system installed in your new home anywhere in the United States. Additionally, you are eligible for a 25% discount on extra equipment upgrades. Please ask for the certificate for all of the details and any applicable restrictions.

Should I have Window Contacts Installed with my Security System?

Unless your home is already pre-wired for window contacts we don’t recommend that you incur the added expense of purchasing window contacts. Adding window contacts to your system is very labor intensive and costly. Additionally window contacts are prone to service problems down the line. Over time as your house settles and your windows absorb moisture, window contacts can become misaligned and can be rendered inoperable. This can cause false alarms with your system. Also, window contacts can be defeated if a burglar enters your home by simply breaking your window glass and then enters through the damaged window. We recommend preventing burglars from entering through windows by installing our patented glassbreak detectors that are designed to trigger an alarm response by discriminating the sound of broken window glass. Glassbreak detectors are also far less expensive to install than window contacts. Many of our customers also decide to add another layer of redundant protection by installing our infrared motion detectors in each room as a back up. We offer our customers significant savings when they select bundled packages for higher levels of protection.

Employees Locked in Freezer As Restaurant Hit By Armed Robber

Alpharetta, Georgia – The Smashburger Restaurant on Windward Parkway was robbed at gunpoint on November 19th

Law enforcement authorities reported that a man walked into the burger restaurant, pulled out his gun and threatened employees with it. He then forced three workers into the freezer. After locking up the employees he then opened the cash register and stole an undisclosed amount of cash from it. Fortunately no one was shot or injured. The restaurant was closed the following day.

George Gordon, Alpharetta Public Safety spokesman related that police are doing all they can to find the armed robber. However, he cautioned the public against confronting or fighting with an armed robber. “We don’t ask anybody in the public to ever confront someone who is armed,” Gordon said. “Just comply with the suspect.”

Police authorities warn that no area in Metro Atlanta is immune from crime. Citizens are urged to protect their homes and families with deadbolt locks and quality Atlanta Security Systems. “Always insist on quality equipment and quality monitoring services. Cheaper security is not always a bargain. It is definitely not necessarily more reliable. Make sure you check out who is actually monitoring your system.”

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