Because of the myriad number of products, services, and applications available to the customer, many times individuals become overwhelmed with choices and become confused by the different proposals of security vendors. On the other end of the continuum, many of today’s discount alarm companies limit the choices of their customers by offering a cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all approach. They will only show their customer a bare bones, low end system that consists of sub-standard equipment, only two or three door sensors, and one motion detector to protect their home. They will then quote a very low price for the system hoping to quickly “clinch the sale” and then move on to the next sales prospect.

asian-familyThis approach represents a gross disservice to the customer who seeks a quality, personalized, and professionally designed security system to fully protect their home and family. American Guardian uses a different approach.

American Guardian employs highly trained security consultants who meet with their customers to survey their home and then walk them through all of the options available to them. After doing this they are then able to custom design a security system that is personalized to the unique needs of that individual customer. Each system is designed to be modular and expandable to accommodate the needs of the customer as their lifestyle and technology changes.