Unless your home is already pre-wired for window contacts we don’t recommend that you incur the added expense of purchasing window contacts. Adding window contacts to your system is very labor intensive and costly. Additionally window contacts are prone to service problems down the line. Over time as your house settles and your windows absorb moisture, window contacts can become misaligned and can be rendered inoperable. This can cause false alarms with your system. Also, window contacts can be defeated if a burglar enters your home by simply breaking your window glass and then enters through the damaged window. We recommend preventing burglars from entering through windows by installing our patented glassbreak detectors that are designed to trigger an alarm response by discriminating the sound of broken window glass. Glassbreak detectors are also far less expensive to install than window contacts. Many of our customers also decide to add another layer of redundant protection by installing our infrared motion detectors in each room as a back up. We offer our customers significant savings when they select bundled packages for higher levels of protection.