There is an overwhelming preponderance of evidence that a properly installed, high quality, professionally monitored security system can be a major deterrent to burglars and other criminal types. Insurance companies have known this for years. The mere presence of a home security system is so effective against household losses due to burglars that most insurance companies routinely offer up to a 10 – 20% discount to policy owners who install security systems. FBI studies have shown that a home equipped with a professionally monitored security system is fifteen times less likely to be burglarized. It has been demonstrated that the simple presence of a security yard sign prominently posted on a homeowner’s property is enough to deter 80% of the would be intruders or burglars.

Conversely, depending on the crime activity in a neighborhood, homes without a security company yard sign are as much as 15 (fifteen) times more likely to be burglarized and victimized than surrounding homes that display security company yard signs. These homes are seen as easy targets for the burglars. In the past, security systems were viewed as a luxury that only the wealthy could afford. Today with the rise in crime and the price of security becoming affordable to the masses, more and more of the American public now view a security system as a necessity that they can no longer afford to be without.