family-kitchenThe Advantages of Wireless Security System over a traditional hardwired system are many. Some of the most important are as follows:

  • First there is less potential damage to your home because the installation technician does not have to drill throughout your house to run wires for security system components. Occasionally, even under the best of circumstances, an installer may drill in the wrong place when installing a hardwired system and may cause damage to the home. With a wireless system, the only wires that are run are wires for A/C power and telephone communication. This makes for a much cleaner, safer install.
  • Next, a wireless system install is more aesthetically pleasing. There are no drill holes on the walls and no exposed wires to look at.
  • Additionally, wireless systems allow for optimum placement of each security device and component. With a hardwired system, sometimes it is not possible to run a wire to the optimum location for the placement of a motion detector or glass-break detector. With a wireless system, the device can be placed exactly where it needs to go.
  • Another advantage of a wireless system installation is the speed of the installation process. Most wireless system installations can be completed in one to one and ½ hours. A hardwired system install can take three to six hours depending on the complexity of the install.
  • Finally, another benefit of wireless security is portability. With a hardwired system, the system must remain in the home when you move. With a wireless system, you can easily remove it and take it with you to your new home.