operator-smTwo-way voice is an ADT service that allows a live operator at the ADT monitoring command center to speak through a speaker located on your wireless security system and verify that everything is okay in the event that your alarm is triggered by either an intrusion, a fire, or a medical emergency. The live operator can also listen to your response through a microphone that is also located on your wireless system’s control panel. This is a valuable service especially in situations when someone has fallen and can’t get to a telephone. If this should happen the live operator can continue to talk to the injured family member until help arrives.

With your ADT wireless system all of the two way voice components are already built into the system, there is nothing else to buy. Let us know if you are interested in activating this unique and valuable service. It’s only a few extra pennies a day. Unlike other companies, ADT uses actual live operators and ADT’s two way voice technology is the best, most sophisticated two way voice service in the world. Also, with ADT you have five fully redundant command centers monitoring you at all times.