By now you have probably read or seen advertisements about an aggressively marketed DIY (Do-It-Yourself) security system. The ads tout the lower cost for the equipment and monitoring. The ad spokesperson says that they are easy to install, even a child could do it in just a few minutes.

There is no doubt about it, DIY security systems are cheaper than traditional professionally installed, quality home security systems. However, there are several disadvantages to evaluate when considering the purchase of a DIY system.

First, in their promotions, one heavily advertised DIY company states that the average person can install the system in about one hour. Dig down into the reviews and you will find that many customers wrote that it was not near as easy as they expected.

If you are highly technical and you enjoy DIY projects this may be a good option for you. If you are not, this may be a frustrating undertaking. Remember, nothing is as easy as advertisers like to make their product sound.

Secondly, these DIY companies do not employ local service technicians to service your system if something is defective, breaks or malfunctions down the line. If something goes wrong you are required to send the component back to the factory for service. What happens if your home is burglarized when your DIY system is down? Obviously you have no protection. When the defective part is returned you have to go through the installation process again. What is your time worth?

Next, many DIY systems are not monitored professionally. The alarm may sound if there is a break-in but what happens if nobody is called? No alarm sent to the police. Burglars are more likely to break into a home that they know is not being monitored.

Another point to consider is that most DIY systems are not supervised. This means that the alarm could be disabled by a burglar before he breaks into the home. In other words burglars will know how to easily “defeat” your inexpensive DIY alarm system.

Additionally, with the new dispatching laws in many states, counties and municipalities, some 911 centers will not respond to burglar or medical alarm signals if they are not verified from an authorized call center. Dispatching laws are now becoming stricter across the nation. Why pay for an alarm system if it won’t summon the authorities when you need it?

In Summary

To summarize, there is no question that there may be a cost saving element to some DIY security alarm system offerings. However the truth is that there is a difference in the quality and the level of security protection provided by the DIY systems versus professionally installed and monitored security systems. Remember the old saying “Look before you leap” and “Investigate before you buy.”

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