money-backOne of the biggest myths being promoted by certain security dealers is that it is better to buy the security system up front rather than pay for the system over a 36 month term. This is untrue and a blatant misrepresentation of the facts. This sales strategy is often used by smaller local dealers who have no national affiliation and/or have no ability to provide financing of their system and equipment to their customers. Wise consumers should always do the math and look at the total cost of ownership of each competitor’s offer. They should also ask each competitor if their monthly monitoring rate includes a full warranty or maintenance on the system. One local security company in Atlanta promotes their $18.95 monitoring rate but downplays the fact that this $18.95 rate is for monitoring only and includes no maintenance plan. If you want the maintenance plan they charge an average of $10 more per month bringing the total to $28.95 per month. Additionally they charge the customer $410 to $1,200 up front for the system installation. When you add this up-front cost to the total of the $28.95 payments paid over the same 36 month period you will see that you will be paying much more than you would with the American Guardian/ ADT 36 month program. Additionally, you would have settled for local monitoring with only one monitoring station instead of ADT’s Word Class, award winning security monitoring with five fully redundant monitoring command centers monitoring your home simultaneously. For those customers who still prefer to pay for their system up front, American Guardian offers several monitoring plan options, some with rates below $18.00 monthly. Again, the educated consumer will look past the advertising rhetoric and sales hype and will always make their decision based on the whole picture – the total cost of ownership.