Ring, The Video Doorbell Company Now Finds Itself The Target of A Customer Class Action Lawsuit

Atlanta, Georgia – This week national news outlets announced that the Ring Video Doorbell company was now the target of a large customer class action lawsuit. As you may know, Ring has been the subject of numerous customers complaining that their Ring security cameras were hacked and their family members terrorized by unknown hackers, some even demanding ransoms.

Ring in a carefully written and scripted statement alluded to the excuse that it was because customers used non-secure passwords. Several of the customers rebutted that claim. They stated that their passwords were, in fact highly secure.

Why Ring Can’t Just Blame Users For Those Home-Invading Camera Hacks

In a recent article by The Verge the author stated that it is surprisingly easy to access someone’s Ring camera if their password was breached. Kim Lyons stated: “If you are thinking about buying a Ring Camera as a holiday gift, read Motherboard’s deeply unsettling coverage first.”

There is a Podcast out there where people spy on homeowner’s Ring and Nest cameras for laughs. Consequently, Motherboard decided to test how easy it might be to access an individual’s Ring devices.

Their reporters found that Ring has failed to put in place some basic security measures that could protect user’s privacy. For example, if you log into your Gmail from a new browser you will get a text message and two urgent emails. Motherboard found that Ring doesn’t even do that much.

Reporter Joseph Cox explains in detail how his colleagues were able to watch him getting ready for work just by having access to his email address and Ring password, even though they were logging in from unfamiliar IP addresses. What is even more alarming is that once an intruder is into your Ring account, they not only have access to a camera’s live stream, but they can watch any videos that may have been saved to your Ring account.

Also, security experts warn that Ring does not check to see if your password was swept up in a hack somewhere else. It also does not send notifications to your cell phone to make sure that the log-in is legitimate.

There does indeed appear to be gaping holes in Ring’s security protocols. Consequently we feel that Ring has significant legal exposure in this new ongoing class action customer lawsuit against Ring.

You can read the complete rundown of Rings problematic security protocols at Motherboard. Be prepared to be very alarmed at what you read there.

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