By now you have probably heard or read about the growing incidence of copper thefts from institutions, government facilities, businesses, and even homes. Hard economic times have generated yet one more unintended consequence: the proliferation of despicable copper thieves. The sad thing about this growing problem is that no person, business or institution is sacrosanct or off limits to these cowardly and destructive crimes. Brant Henke, President of American Guardian Security Systems says: “We have seen cable companies, electric companies, businesses, churches, and even public libraries have their air conditioner units stolen from their rooftops. The thieves will absolutely ruin over $2,000 worth of equipment just to pilfer around $30 worth of copper! It is very sad. Many of the individuals involved in these thefts are drug addicts. Last week I saw an industry news article that stated that a group of thieves were trading their stolen copper for crack cocaine instead of cash.”

Henke said that his company has developed a creative way to protect his clients valuable yet vulnerable rooftop equipment with monitored security devices as well as day/night camera systems if his clients request them.

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