The topic for today’s security news report is the topic of inside or employee theft. After doing a little research we have found that it is far more common than you might think. We spent some time talking with Brant Henke, President of American Guardian Security Systems, Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia. In our interview Henke related a true story about one of his long time customers. “A few weeks ago I got a call from a customer of mine that is a Pastor in a church based in southwest Atlanta. He told me that he has a break in at his church the night before. He said that he was concerned because the security alarm was not tripped and the police were not dispatched. He asked me to send one of my technicians to his church to check out the alarm. Obviously I sent one of my best technicians to his church that same day to investigate. What my technician discovered shocked both of us.

The reason that his alarm did not trip was very simple. His alarm was disarmed by the legitimate pass code that he as well as the rest of his employees used when they armed and disarmed his security system. A window was broken to make it look like a burglar had entered the church building but when we checked the history in the alarm system buffer we discovered that the authorized user code was used to disarm the alarm at 2:45 am that morning. The Pastor made the mistake that a lot of people do, he gave the same code to all of his employees.

Remember, if you operate a business, always give a different pass code to each employee. Then let them know they are the only one that will have that code. This way if there is a theft at the business without an actual alarm you can have your system checked to see who entered your business that evening. Needless to say the Pastor immediately issued different pass codes to all of his employees. He has also decided to have us install a surveillance camera system in his church for added security.

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