alarm-sirenYes, we highly recommend ADT Monitored Smoke Detectors. According to the National Burglar and Fire Association a recent study was conducted and the results were that 50% of the battery operated, non-monitored smoke detectors in homes throughout America are inoperable.

Also, remember, the inexpensive hardware store variety, battery powered smoke detectors are only designed to wake you up and get you out of your home alive if a fire erupts when you are actually in your home. Government statistics show that 64% of all house fires occur during the daytime when we are at work or at school.

Most fires that start during the daytime without a monitored smoke detector result in the home becoming a total loss before the fire personnel are able to arrive. Pets that are kept in the house are lost as well. On the other hand, with a professional grade smoke/heat detection system that is monitored by ADT, as soon as smoke is detected a loud 95 decibel siren is activated to alert family members of the fire and simultaneously a signal is sent instantly to ADT’s Monitoring Command Center. ADT trained personnel then forward that critical information to the Fire Department closest to your home. This rapid response allows the fireman to arrive at your home in just a few short minutes. This gives them plenty of time to ensure that your family members, your pets, and your home is saved from total fire destruction. Most prudent homeowners realize the critical importance of protecting their home, family, and pets with an ADT monitored smoke detection system. Many of our customers tell us that fire protection was the main reason that they invested in their new security alarm system.