An Atlanta man had his luxury car stolen from his driveway at gunpoint earlier this week. The victim of  the Midtown Atlanta Carjacking is hoping that a video of the incident caught on his Atlanta Home Security System will help Atlanta police catch the carjacker.

A channel 2 reporter reported that Brad Edmonds was outside his home at 9th Street and Argonne Avenue around 8:00 pm when an armed man approached and demanded the keys to his 2011 Mercedes.

Edmond’s home security video clearly shows the gunman forcing Edmonds back into his home, and then, standing at the front door pointing his gun inside at Edmonds until he retrieves his keys to the Mercedes.

The video also shows the gunman opening only half of the iron gate across the victim’s driveway. It also shows the man driving through the partially opened gated and ripping off a side mirror off the Mercedes as he drove through.

The car was found later in Dekalb County. The carjacker has not been apprehended and is still out there on the loose.

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