One important question to ask each prospective security system providers is whether their offer is based on your owning the equipment or just leasing the equipment. Most large national companies will not disclose the fact they are putting you in a lease, or a rental of their equipment instead of an ownership situation. Even though your are paying an installation fee and an equipment fee, you will never actually own the equipment even after paying for the monitoring for 3 years, 4 years, 5 years, or longer. Additionally, if you decide to change companies, you find that you are locked into that company because the equipment they use is proprietary and no one else can monitor it. In some instances it is inferior equipment like the security system offered by the publicly traded Canadian company whose equipment manufactured in Mexico has no keypads and is sometimes installed to the customers wall with Velcro strips! Most experts agree that it is far better to own your own system whether you buy it outright, or you finance it over a 36 month monitoring agreement. This way you are in the drivers seat. You can continue the monitoring with your present company after the 36 month agreement is up, or you can shop around for another company if you don’t like their service. As an authorized dealer of ADT Security Services, American Guardian offers true equipment ownership to their customers. At the end their 36 month monitoring agreement they own the security equipment outright.Then they can call ADT and negotiate a much lower monitoring rate.