As far as Home Security Installers offered by dealerships, it is always far better to have your security system installed by a locally owned, or locally headquartered security dealer versus an out of town, out of state, or foreign non-U.S. based security company. Most local companies are very concerned about the reputation in their local community. As a result, they usually go the extra mile for their customers. Locally headquartered companies also contribute to the cities that they are based in with their time, talents, money, and energies. They also provide more jobs in the community and their profits usually stay in the same community, helping the local economy.

atlantaOut of state dealers are not as concerned about their image in your community. They are only interested in maximizing profit for their investors and owners, and the bottom line. They usually don’t contribute to the local community either, and their profits and revenues go back to the home office city in their home state or worse, the foreign country that they are based in. These non-local companies do very little to provide jobs or monetary assistance to the local economy either. Most don’t even maintain a actual office in you community or hire full time employees. Instead, they use telemarketing, direct mail, the internet, and even local yellow pages with a toll free “800” number as their headquarters to sign up their customers over the telephone. After the customer is sold over the phone, these companies then send part-time, inexperienced sub-contractors to install their alarm system. Most of these companies don’t employ professional security consultants to meet with their customers to professionally design their security systems. Instead, they eliminate the security consultant to maximize their profit and use the one-size-fits-all cookie cutter approach. One of these companies headquartered in Canada boasts “you deal directly with us”. What this really means is we’ll sell you over the phone and then send out a part time sub-contractor to install our standard system in your home.

Be wary about these out of state and non-U.S. based companies. When you sign an agreement with them, you are governed by the laws of their state or foreign country. If you are not happy with their service, or if they damage your home, you have to come to their state or country to sue them. Some are not even licensed in our state.

We at American Guardian have been providing stellar, gold plated service to our customers here in our local Metro area for over 23 years. Our employees live here, raise their children here, worship here, and contribute to our local community. We sincerely appreciate your business and our livelihood depends on your continued loyalty and your continued trust in us.