Milton, Georgia – It appears that a young unidentified man stole a safe filled with guns on November 6th from a Freemanville homeowner.

The victim told police he was missing a safe from his home. He related that inside his safe were three weapons – a Beretta Model 85 handgun, a Smith and Wesson police special and a blue 22 caliber revolver. It has not been determined how the burglar entered the house. The homeowner did not have an Atlanta Security Systems security system.

A neighbor told police he saw a stranger in the back of the burglarized house. The neighbor confronted the man asking him what he was doing. The suspected allegedly said he needed to use a phone. The neighbor then offered his own phone. The suspect then allegedly seemed suspiciously hesitant about accepting his offer and then pretended to dial a phone number. Then he abruptly hung up claiming no one was answering. He then quickly left.

The suspect is described as between 25 and 30 years old with medium length black hair. He had tattoos on both arms and possibly his neck as well. Police tell citizens to use extreme caution when approaching this individual. He is most likely armed and dangerous. As of this report he is still at large.

Don’t become a casualty or a crime statistic. Take steps to protect your family now. Police report that crimes even in affluent areas of Atlanta are on the upswing. Hordes of unemployed Georgian’s are becoming more desperate out there. This recession is now in its fifth year and more individuals are resorting to crime.

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