cut-phone-lineIn the vast majority of the residential burglaries that occur in the United States the burglar does not cut the telephone line. There are several reasons for this. First of all remember, burglars are not rocket scientists. If they were intelligent they would be gainfully employed. Most burglars are juveniles or young drug addicts who are stealing to support their drug habit. They are simply not smart enough to cut the phone line, nor do they know where the phone line is located. Recently, one career burglar was interviewed while in jail. He was asked if he ever thought about cutting the phone line before he burglarized a house. He said that he thought about it but didn’t know which wire the phone line was and he was afraid that he would be electrocuted if he cut the wrong line! Burglars who rob commercial businesses however are typically a bit more sophisticated. Also, these burglars know that they can go behind they building or in an alley and work without being seen. It is for these reasons businesses are at a much higher risk than private residences are for their phone lines being cut prior to their break in. Consequently many commercial businesses such as banks and jewelry stores are required by their insurance companies to have digital cell back up monitoring added as a back-up to their primary land line security monitoring.

One alternative to cell back-up monitoring if you are a home owner is to install a steel conduit telephone line protection kit to protect the telephone line as it leaves your telephone junction box. This kit is relatively difficult to find but it is available at some security distributors. However, if you are serious about providing a fail safe, totally reliable monitoring service for your family, we recommend subscribing to ADT’s world renown Security Link digital cell back-up monitoring. This gives you the ultimate in security monitoring protection and is without question the highest quality in the industry.