DSC_LogoActually, there are several manufactures that offer quality equipment. The best security equipment is manufactured by DSC, Honeywell Ademco, and GE. They are also the biggest in the industry. We use equipment from all three manufacturers depending on our customer’s requirements, but we prefer DSC for a number of reasons. The important thing to remember is to never do business with a security company that uses their own proprietary equipment. honeywell_ademcoAlso, never do business with a company that uses an obscure equipment manufacturer that other dealers won’t monitor or service.This locks you in to that company and leaves you vulnerable and exposed to poor service, high prices, and the whim of that installing security company. One local Atlanta security company who boasts that they offer “Real Security” recently left their customers high and dry when one of these obscure equipment manufactures that they had used for their ge-logocustomers went out of business. Now this company, whose main claim to fame is an $18.95 monitoring rate (no maintenance included), has thousands of customers with obsolete equipment that they can no longer get parts for. Evidently this is that company’s idea of “Real Security”. When we tried to find out why any company would want to take that risk with their customers, we learned from one of their former employees that their business model was built around using security equipment that other competitors would not want to use or work on. By using this strategy, they reasoned that they could keep their customers locked into them much longer. So, don’t take unnecessary risks and make sure that the security company that you select uses quality, name brand, mainstream equipment that can be serviced by other dealers in you market place should you decide to switch companies.