On November 10th, a car with blue lights mounted on its front grill was spotted on Haynes Bridge Road in Alpharetta, but it wasn’t a police car.

North Fulton officials warn citizens that they should be aware that residents have reported incidents of individuals with blue police lights on their cars impersonating police officers. “We had one occasion where someone in a Crown Victoria car stopped somebody,” said Roswell police spokesperson Lt. James McGee.

George Gordon, a spokesman for the Alpharetta Department of Police Safety, said that his city on occasion arrests bogus Police Officers, including in the past year when an individual who failed to pass the rigorous tests of the police academy was caught pulling people over. Gordon went on to say “Other agencies have experienced people with blue lights on their vehicles that have attempted to stop motorists, especially female motorists.”

In Georgia, it is illegal for any vehicle to have blue lights of any kind, regardless if that vehicle is a properly registered emergency or permitted police vehicle.

The vehicle spotted on Haynes Bridge Road was stopped by an Alpharetta officer who spotted the car’s blue lights while he was on patrol. All three occupants of the vehicle were arrested for drug offenses.

McGee said that the motives of such police impersonators are rarely on the up and up. “Any time people impersonate a police officer, their motives are nefarious” he said.

Both McGee and Gordon advised that if a driver suspects the car flashing colored lights at them is not a legitimate police officer they should drive slowly to a lighted place with other people around as a safety precaution. If the car is unmarked and they have further doubts they should call 911 and describe the vehicle. Then 911 can contact the local police to verify that the vehicle is a licensed police vehicle.

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