By Brant Henke
President – American Guardian

Alpharetta, Georgia  — In these challenging times it is important to be creative, strong and optimistic. During challenging times I never cease to me amazed by the creativity, bravery, resilience and optimism of Americans. This challenging period is certainly no exception to this observation.

All around us individuals and families are demonstrating their creativity, optimism and generosity. They are showing us how very important it is to the human spirit to stay connected to their friends, loved ones and family. As we all know, humans are social beings and our mental health suffers when we can’t connect with our loved ones and with others in our social network.

As an example, last week, one Roswell Georgia family that important attribute of creativity. When the statewide shelter in place order went into effect on April 8th, Grace Haberman could not celebrate her “Sweet 16” birthday in the normal way. However her Mother Leslie would not be deterred. She decided to make her daughter Grace’s day “a little sweeter” by festooning the yard of their Roswell home with a total of 16 balloons and signs that read: “honk to wish Grace a sweet 16!”

Driving through my neighborhood in Alpharetta last week I witnessed what was even more of  head turning display of unconventional homeowner expression of encouragement during these unsettling times. The homeowner pulled out of storage and then inflated Christmas, Halloween and Easter decorations and placed them on full display in his front yard; probably much to the chagrin of his surrounding neighbors. He then strategically placed a sign in his front yard which read: “We just wanted to get some fresh air and put a smile on your face. Don’t worry, be happy, our world is a wonderful place. We all just wanted to say everything is going to be ok!” The image of that home is pictured above.

Another terrific vehicle that allows us to stay socially connected is the newly popular and now seemingly ubiquitous Zoom meeting. Zoom is a popular computer application that was originally developed for business meetings over the internet. Now it is enjoying widespread use for individuals, friends and families to stay connected with crystal clear video and audio over their tablets, laptops and computers. Someone recently said: “It’s like Skype on steroids!”

My daughter Ashley Reed and her husband Jack have used this new Zoom medium very effectively to stay in touch with my wife and I and to give us the opportunity to see our grandson “Baby Jack” up close and personal during these shelter-in-place times. Ashley has creatively put together a very organized and structured Zoom social calendar. She told me over the weekend that she now has regularly scheduled Zoom get togethers with her girlfriends, her local neighborhood friends, her workout class friends, her church friends and of course Zoom meetings with Jack and his parents and family out of state. Jack shared this weekend that he has organized Zoom meetings with various church and social networks of his as well.

Let us Know How You Are Creatively Coping and Staying Connected In These Challenging Times

We continue to hear inspiring stories from our American Guardian/ADT family of customers. We would like to hear from you as well during this challenging period. Please write to us. With your permission we will publish your thoughtful, creative and inspiring real-life stories. Remember, we’re stronger when we’re united together.

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