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By Brant Henke, President – American Guardian

Metro Atlanta, Georgia – This past week American Guardian Security Systems, Inc. was chosen to secure and protect a facility that houses some of the most expensive exotic race cars in the world

In an undisclosed location in north Metro Atlanta, a business named The Race Car Shop decided that it was time to harden their defenses and enhance their security.  After evaluating the offerings of several large and small local Atlanta security companies the owners of The Race Car Shop selected American Guardian to protect their exotic stable of expensive race cars with a state-of-the-art security system and a sophisticated camera surveillance system that uses Smart IR technology, motorized cameras, and video analytics that locks onto and tracks human movement.

This facility is housed in a nondescript, brick, bunker like building. You would never guess by looking at the outside of the building that it houses so many exotic race cars.

Because of the rare and interesting nature of the business we decided to interview Paul Walker, the general manager of The Race Car Shop so we could share some of this interesting information with our American Guardian family of customers.

Paul told us that The Race Car Shop has been in operation since 1987. The business operates by purchasing exotic race cars that once competed in the EMSA GTP race car circuit. They then restore the cars and then sell them to affluent, well-heeled clients that are looking for expensive toys. Paul said: “One of these is the ultimate “boy’s toy”.

Some of the types of cars at this facility range from Ferrari, Lola to Nissan. These cars formerly raced on tracks such Road Atlanta and were driven by famous race car drivers whose names you would recognize such as Scott Pruett and Steve Millen.

These cars pump out a mind warping, axel twisting, 820 horsepower produced by inter-cooled turbocharged engines. What’s amazing is that they are able to produce all of this horsepower from an engine that has a displacement of only three liters. Paul related that the rear tires are 14” wide and a set of four tires on one of these cars will set you back over $3,000.

The engines have a redline capability of up to 7,500 RPM and the top speed of these cars range from 190 MPH to 205 MPH depending on which race track they are outfitted for.

No expense is spared on the production of these race cars. They are made with a combination of aluminum, carbon fiber and titanium. The brakes get so hot on the race track that they each have to employ ram air induction to force high speed air over the brake discs and brake calipers to keep them from melting in a race. Paul said that the cars use an air channeling system under the cars that is engineered to increase their traction and to keep them from “porpoising” at high speeds.

As you can see from the pictures above these cars are like works of art to behold as well.


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