American Guardian announced this week that they are now offering a higher level of interactive home security monitoring service to their customers. In addition to offering interactive alarm monitoring services that allow the customer to arm disarm, check the status of their system, and receive texts and emails from their alarm system, they will now be able to use their system to do much more. Now they will also be able to control lighting, appliances, cameras, and manage energy usage in their home.

The most exciting and impressive feature of their new technology offerings is their energy management feature. American Guardian has sourced a new computerized home thermostat that can save homeowners up to 20% in energy savings each month. Many homeowners will now be able to cover the entire cost of the monthly monitoring with the energy savings from this unique state-of the- art home management system.

American Guardian is also now offering their customers high resolution cameras that can be tied into their security system. These cameras can be viewed remotely over a smart phone, laptop, or desktop computer anywhere in the world. They can also set up to send email video clips of intruders should a break in occur. Also, if the customer receives a text that indicates an alarm they can immediately go on the internet to view their home in real time.

For more information on this new technology and all of their other new product offerings contact American Guardian at (800) 275-3903.