On December 21st the Manager of Sage Tavern Restaurant in Alpharetta reported that a burglar had broken into the restaurant shortly after he arrived that morning.

The manager said that he had just arrived at the business and had turned off the security alarm. He was in the kitchen when he heard an unusual sound originating from the dining room of the restaurant. The Manager then said he went to investigate the ongoing noise.

When he was approached in the dining room he saw that the glass door to the patio was broken. He then saw the silhouette of a person. The burglar yelled something unintelligible but the Manager said the voice sounded male. The Manager then ran to the parking lot and went onto his car to dial 911. While he was circling the restaurant in his car he saw the burglar with his face covered leaving in a small black Lexus.

Upon further investigation of the crime scene the Manager discovered a lug wrench by the patio, a ceiling tile next to his office was missing and two cash register drawers that had been in the file cabinet in his office had been cleaned out with a total of $550 stolen.

As of this date the brazen burglar has not been apprehended.

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