Professional ADT Certified Home Security System Installation

Your Home Security System Installation is performed by one of our ADT Certified installers. These technicians are employees, not Sub-Contractors. This insures peace of mind and the highest quality of workmanship .Wireless home security systems ensure a faster cleaner...

Motion Detectors

State of the art dual zone pet immune motion detectors designed for use with most pets.Your wireless system comes standard with one motion detector but supports up to 20 in your home.

Home Alarm System Back-Up Battery

Your Home Alarm System comes with a back-up power supply that will power your system if you home has a loss of power event.

High Decibel Security Alarm Siren

If an intruder/ burglar enters your home your High Decibel Security Alarm will be activated and a loud, high decibel sounder will be activated alerting you that an intruder has entered.Most burglars will leave the premises when they realize that you have an ADT...

Wireless Glass-Break Detector

You have the option of substituting a Wireless Glass-break Detector in place of the standard Wireless Motion detector that comes with your system.Your system is designed to support up to 20 of these Glass-Break detectors.