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Home Invasion Shooting Hurts Two Officers

Dekalb County/Atlanta – Just before 7:00 am, Friday, 12/12/14, officers Devon Perry and Tony Luong were among several responding to a 911 call about a home invasion armed robbery in Colony Ridge near Glenwood Road and Austin Drive.

When the two officers arrived on the scene two gunman emerged from the residence, saw the officers, then opened fire without hesitation.

At least one gunman was firing a fully automatic AK-47 assault rifle. One of the bullets struck Perry, a four year veteran, in his leg. Luong took a bullet in his thigh. It was a face to face shootout between the police officers and the home invasion perpetrators.

The police shot one man who remains in critical condition. The second gunman was also shot and wounded. He escaped the scene but was later captured with the assistance of a police dog after a four hour manhunt.

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Cash Stolen From Vehicle In Alpharetta

Alpharetta, GA – On November 8th, a vehicle at a local restaurant was broken into and $1,000 in cash was taken from inside.


The victim told police he was parked at a restaurant on Windward Parkway on November the 8th. He then drove to North Carolina. When he arrived he noticed that the bag was missing. The bag contained clothing, a debit card and $1,000 in cash.


The debit card was used four times in the area of Buckhead Highway.


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Diesel Fuel Tank Stolen From Construction Site in John’s Creek

John’s Creek, GA – A 200 gallon drum of diesel fuel was stolen from a construction site on Bell Road.

Police related that the construction crew informed them that the diesel drum was about half full with diesel. The suspects must have had to use a loader that was on site. An individual who works in construction industry is suspected of involvement.

The drum was loaded onto a trailer and driven away. It was valued at about $1,000.

Woman Comes Home to Find Burglar in House

John’s Creek, GA – A Woodscape Trail homeowner returned home to find a burglar in her home on November 6th.

According to the victim, the lady returned home around 7:30 pm in the dark and heard footsteps in her house. She said that she assumed that it was her son. When she noticed that a window had been opened in her kitchen, she called out to her son and she quickly realized that he was not home.

She then walked into the master bedroom and noticed that it had been rummaged through. The lady became distraught when she noticed that an $8,000 Rolex watch, a $22,000 diamond ring, a $5,000 necklace and a pair of $10,000 diamond earrings had been stolen by the burglar in her John’s Creek home.

The burglar is still on the loose.

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