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Stolen Cell Phone Leads Cops to Johns Creek Suspect

Clever technology allowed John’s Creek police to find a stolen cell phone December 31st, 2013.

The victim told police that she was in a club on December 29th when she discovered that someone had stolen her wallet and cell phone. Then, later she realized that she had installed an application on her phone that would allow her to track her phone. Using that app, she tracked her phone to a block of apartments on Bay Tree Lane in Johns Creek. She was also able to provide police with a photo of the man in possession of her phone, because the app also took photos of whoever tried to unlock the phone using an incorrect passcode.

Police began a search of the area. When they knocked at the door of one of the apartments they found Mejah Galie Okran, 47, of State Bridge Road in John’s Creek who matched the man in the photograph. Okran was arrested for theft on the spot.

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Teens Involved In Dekalb County’s Growing Crime Problem

Dekalb is a hot spot for burglaries and robberies in Metro Atlanta police say and the vast majority of theses crimes are committed by juveniles.

“There are a lot of kids running around with guns kicking in doors,” say Mawuli Mel Davis, a lawyer who represents juvenile criminals. Now there is a growing problem of kids crossing the Dekalb county lines to commit serious burglaries and robberies in Clayton, Fulton, Gwinnett and Rockdale counties.

Dekalb County literally dwarfs its neighbors in burglaries. Dekalb has had 50,500 burglaries between 2008 and 2012, compared with nearly 41,000 in runner-up Atlanta. Atlanta led slightly in armed robberies with nearly 2,300 in 2012. They exceeded the robberies in Dekalb by fewer than 500 incidents according to the FBI.

Police detectives say the problem is the current adoration of the “gang culture” in which young boys claim allegiance to loosely affiliated groups such as Savage The Block. This local gang has turned burglary into a high volume business. Unfortunately it’s not just the “underprivileged” kids that are fueling the crime wave, but also youths from the middle class drawn to the so called “gangsta” lifestyle which is promoted in today’s music and film industry. The American citizenry are now paying a heavy price for that popularized gang culture.

Donald Cloudt, a longtime burglary detective in Dekalb County related: “What these kids do is orchestrated. When they leave at 10 am in the morning, they know where they are going, and it is not just one house. They will be using the same stolen van all day long.”

Dekalb Detective Andre Williams, who has worked in both gang and burglary units of Dekalb County, said Savage The Block has little structure, but they currently have approximately 200 members. These gang members range in age from 11 to 18 years old. Most of them are between 13 and 16.

These juvenile gang members also have specialties such as car theft or armed robbery but the bulk of them are burglars.

These gangs have a system of operation. They are not stupid. They have made crime more lucrative for adult criminals who give the teens shopping lists of merchandise they need and then they buy the stolen goods from the teen criminals. Teen burglars unload flat screen TVs, laptop computers, jewelry, I phones and guns to middleman “fences” who are adult dealers in stolen goods. The drop offs occur throughout the day making the merchandise very hard to recover. Many times the merchandise is shipped to buyers overseas.

Dekalb detectives say that $30 to $50 is the current going rate for stolen TVs and laptop computers. The teen burglars only receive a few hundred dollars for a full day’s worth of burglaries. This fuels a high volume burglary business model for the teens.

What’s worse, say Dekalb County detectives, is that the juvenile justice system has fueled and intensified the juvenile crime wave because the teens know they have to get multiple convictions before they are committed to a juvenile prison. Also, the ones that end up in juvenile prison often come out of the prison as worse criminals.

Robert Peaco, a Dekalb detective, related “The juvenile system is teaching them to be better career criminals; “We’ll have a kid who starts out doing burglary and because the juvenile system is so lenient, he learns how the system works and he then graduates to doing armed robberies.”

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Armed Man Robs Gas Station In Cumming with Automatic Weapon

The crime in the Northern suburbs of Atlanta has apparently taken a turn for the worse.

At approximately 11 pm on December 10th, deputies were dispatched to a Texaco gas station at 740 Atlanta Highway because of an armed robbery. According to a Forsyth County Sheriffs incident report a masked man with an automatic weapon went into the gas station and took money out of the cash register.

When deputies arrived the gas station employee related that she was sitting behind the counter when a man who appeared to be about 30 years old, came in wearing a light blue ski mask, a dark hoodie and blue jeans. He then pulled out an automatic weapon and demanded money from the cash register.

The frightened gas station employee then took out all the cash and placed it in a plastic bag. After she gave the robber the money he forced her to go into a storage room in the back of the building.

The armed robber then fled the scene on foot. The armed gunman is still at large.

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Home Intruders in Milton Caught on Video

Two masked, armed men were caught on home security video cameras when they`111` burglarized a Milton, Georgia home on Birmingham road. The armed burglars stole thousand of dollars in cash and several gaming systems.

The homeowner told police that the burglary occurred on November 25th. He said he had surveillance cameras in his room that caught the two men wearing black hoodies. They had badges around their necks and guns in their hands when they broke in and rummaged through the room. They then hit the rooms belonging to the victim’s three roommates.

The Home Intruders in Milton stole a Kel-Tec SU-16B.223 rifle, an XBOX 360, an XBOX One and $3,700 in cash.

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