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Lease Vs Own Home Security System

One important question to ask each prospective security system providers is whether their offer is based on your owning the equipment or just leasing the equipment. Most large national companies will not disclose the fact they are putting you in a lease, or a rental of their equipment instead of an ownership situation. Even though your are paying an installation fee and an equipment fee, you will never actually own the equipment even after paying for the monitoring for 3 years, 4 years, 5 years, or longer. Additionally, if you decide to change companies, you find that you are locked into that company because the equipment they use is proprietary and no one else can monitor it. In some instances it is inferior equipment like the security system offered by the publicly traded Canadian company whose equipment manufactured in Mexico has no keypads and is sometimes installed to the customers wall with Velcro strips! Most experts agree that it is far better to own your own system whether you buy it outright, or you finance it over a 36 month monitoring agreement. This way you are in the drivers seat. You can continue the monitoring with your present company after the 36 month agreement is up, or you can shop around for another company if you don’t like their service. As an authorized dealer of ADT Security Services, American Guardian offers true equipment ownership to their customers. At the end their 36 month monitoring agreement they own the security equipment outright.Then they can call ADT and negotiate a much lower monitoring rate.

Miley Cyrus Home Burglarized

Studio City, California, CNN has reported that burglars broke into a southern California home that appears to be the home of Miley Cyrus. Police reported on the crime Saturday 11/23/13.

Miley Cyrus Home Burglarized, reported around 4:30 pm Pacific time Friday in Studio City, CA. The burglary was reported to the press by Los Angeles police officer Rosario Herrera. The homeowner reported that a number of personal items were stolen. Herrera said that no suspects were seen on the property.

The singer’s representatives did not return CNN’s calls for a comment on the crime.

Police authorities urge citizens to protect their home and family by using deadbolt locks on every exterior door and install a security system from a professional, well known security provider. No one is immune from crime.

It is a well documented fact that just having an ADT yard sign in front of your home will deter 76% of all would be burglars and hone invaders.

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What is Two-Way Voice and How Does it Work?

operator-smTwo-way voice is an ADT service that allows a live operator at the ADT monitoring command center to speak through a speaker located on your wireless security system and verify that everything is okay in the event that your alarm is triggered by either an intrusion, a fire, or a medical emergency. The live operator can also listen to your response through a microphone that is also located on your wireless system’s control panel. This is a valuable service especially in situations when someone has fallen and can’t get to a telephone. If this should happen the live operator can continue to talk to the injured family member until help arrives.

With your ADT wireless system all of the two way voice components are already built into the system, there is nothing else to buy. Let us know if you are interested in activating this unique and valuable service. It’s only a few extra pennies a day. Unlike other companies, ADT uses actual live operators and ADT’s two way voice technology is the best, most sophisticated two way voice service in the world. Also, with ADT you have five fully redundant command centers monitoring you at all times.

What Brand of Home Security Equipment is Best?

DSC_LogoActually, there are several manufactures that offer quality equipment. The best security equipment is manufactured by DSC, Honeywell Ademco, and GE. They are also the biggest in the industry. We use equipment from all three manufacturers depending on our customer’s requirements, but we prefer DSC for a number of reasons. The important thing to remember is to never do business with a security company that uses their own proprietary equipment. honeywell_ademcoAlso, never do business with a company that uses an obscure equipment manufacturer that other dealers won’t monitor or service.This locks you in to that company and leaves you vulnerable and exposed to poor service, high prices, and the whim of that installing security company. One local Atlanta security company who boasts that they offer “Real Security” recently left their customers high and dry when one of these obscure equipment manufactures that they had used for their ge-logocustomers went out of business. Now this company, whose main claim to fame is an $18.95 monitoring rate (no maintenance included), has thousands of customers with obsolete equipment that they can no longer get parts for. Evidently this is that company’s idea of “Real Security”. When we tried to find out why any company would want to take that risk with their customers, we learned from one of their former employees that their business model was built around using security equipment that other competitors would not want to use or work on. By using this strategy, they reasoned that they could keep their customers locked into them much longer. So, don’t take unnecessary risks and make sure that the security company that you select uses quality, name brand, mainstream equipment that can be serviced by other dealers in you market place should you decide to switch companies.

Should I pay for my security system up front or should I finance the purchase of my system with a 36 month agreement?

money-backOne of the biggest myths being promoted by certain security dealers is that it is better to buy the security system up front rather than pay for the system over a 36 month term. This is untrue and a blatant misrepresentation of the facts. This sales strategy is often used by smaller local dealers who have no national affiliation and/or have no ability to provide financing of their system and equipment to their customers. Wise consumers should always do the math and look at the total cost of ownership of each competitor’s offer. They should also ask each competitor if their monthly monitoring rate includes a full warranty or maintenance on the system. One local security company in Atlanta promotes their $18.95 monitoring rate but downplays the fact that this $18.95 rate is for monitoring only and includes no maintenance plan. If you want the maintenance plan they charge an average of $10 more per month bringing the total to $28.95 per month. Additionally they charge the customer $410 to $1,200 up front for the system installation. When you add this up-front cost to the total of the $28.95 payments paid over the same 36 month period you will see that you will be paying much more than you would with the American Guardian/ ADT 36 month program. Additionally, you would have settled for local monitoring with only one monitoring station instead of ADT’s Word Class, award winning security monitoring with five fully redundant monitoring command centers monitoring your home simultaneously. For those customers who still prefer to pay for their system up front, American Guardian offers several monitoring plan options, some with rates below $18.00 monthly. Again, the educated consumer will look past the advertising rhetoric and sales hype and will always make their decision based on the whole picture – the total cost of ownership.