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Tips on How to Protect Your Family Against Home Invasions

Alpharetta Georgia: There have been a series of home invasions in the Atlanta area in recent months which has led police departments to tell homeowners to be vigilant and protect their families against the possibilities of robberies and home invasions. The latest home invasion in Alpharetta occurred on November 23rd, at 8:00 pm on Park Glen Drive ion Alpharetta. The homeowner said that he came home from a movie with his young son and the family of four was sitting down to dinner. They were confronted by three armed men who had entered their home through the basement. The armed men ordered the family into the master bedroom. All of the suspects wore face masks, hoodies, and gloves. They tied up several family members and then rummaged through the house stealing numerous items of value including valuable jewelry. Obviously the family was terrified by the episode.

When we spoke to Brant Henke, President of Norcross based American Guardian, he offered the following tips for discouraging home invaders. Brant related: “Almost always home invaders will seek soft, easy targets. Consequently you want to make your home a hard target.

Here are some tips to do just that:

  1. First keep your garage doors shut and locked at all times
  2. Do not leave valuables in your vehicle at any time and do not leave     valuables or electronics in plain view through an open window.
  3. Keep the doors of your home locked with dead bolt at all times even during the day when you are home.
  4. Use blinds or drapes in your home.
  5. Install a monitored security system in your home that has a hostage code feature. This will be extremely important in the event of a home invasion.
  6. Display at least one preferably two security yard signs prominently at your home. A security sign will deter 75% of all would be burglars and home invaders.
  7. Keep your security system armed at all times.
  8. Ask your neighbors to keep an eye out for suspicious activity around your home.
  9. Finally, if you observe a suspicious person or vehicle within your neighborhood call the police to report the activity immediately.

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American Guardian was founded in 1985 and is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

Beware of Out-of-State Home Security Dealers Marketing in Georgia

We recently became aware that several out-of-state home security dealers and ADT Dealer Aggregators have been causing problems in Georgia. This week we interviewed Brant Henke, President of American Guardian to get his assessment of the growing problem. When we spoke to him Brant related: “ There is absolutely a growing problem from out of state companies and ADT Dealer Aggregators who use direct mail, telemarketing, and the internet to snare their Georgia customers. Most of the time they will sell the customer over the phone then obtain their social security number and run their credit sometimes without the customer’s permission. They then put them into a three year contract. Then they will send one of their subcontractors out to install a substandard system. Their installers are trained to start drilling holes in the customer’s home before the customer sees what is actually going to be installed. They do this to lock the customer in. Most of these out of state companies do not even maintain an office in Georgia. Some of the worst misrepresentations now seem to be coming from the ADT Aggregators. An aggregator is a third party marketing company that generates leads and sales for out of state ADT Dealers through internet websites and telemarketing. They sell the customers to the highest ADT bidder. Recently, one of my customers told me they got a call from an obvious aggregator. She asked what the name of the dealer was and the telemarketer told her we do not know yet but it would be some ADT dealer in your area.”

Brant went on the say, “We strongly advise that you do business with a locally based security dealer that you can check out thoroughly. American Guardian is featured on consumer advocate Clarks Howard’s website and offers quality monitoring on a month to month basis at only $12.00 per month.”

For the best monitoring quality at the incredibly low price of only $12.00 per month, call American Guardian at (770) 446-9577 and check out all of their state of the art product offerings at

American Guardian was founded in 1985 and is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

With American Guardian You Have Choices

This week we are featuring the rapidly expanding, Atlanta area based security company, American Guardian. We wanted to know why so many Georgia customers are flocking to this innovative Norcross headquartered company. So, we decided to interview Brant Henke, President of American Guardian to learn the secret of this company’s success. Brant related, “A few months ago we made a decision to give our customers more monitoring plan choices. These are difficult economic times and difficult economic times require more cost effective product and monitoring choices. Most security companies use the cookie cutter approach and offer just one monitoring choice. We have always given our customers several monitoring choices but now be have broadened our monitoring offerings even further. We have also recently dropped our rate for monitoring from $18.95 monthly to $12.00 monthly and this rate is a month to month rate without a long term contract. Now, you do not have to settle for a second or third tier monitoring company to get an incredibly low monitoring rate. Our customers receive the best monitoring available with 8 fully redundant monitoring stations monitoring their homes.”

For customers that have no security system and want a complete system installed with no money up front we offer a bundled plan with monitoring and the equipment financed at around a dollar a day. Many people have heard about consumer advocate Clark Howard’s security buying tips. Our company is now featured on his website. “We are proud to have earned his seal of approval.”

For the best monitoring at the incredibly low rate of only $12.00 per month call American Guardian at (770) 446-9577 and check out all of their other product offerings at: American Guardian was founded in 1985 and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.